Drowning in simple screams.

This is what happens with a heart built to break

every chance you take

you end up with shards of glass

till its hard to pass

a single breath from lungs to mouth

i ventured down south

for some salvation

found myself drunk and a mental patient

impatient i left when i felt adjacent

to all congruences

into the ideals of improvements

improvisational midnight movements

till the sky whispers

it’s ok, I’ll take you soon

The moon hangs strangely optical

with the the suns to far away to touch

you call them stars

Finding nothing at the bottom of a glass

in a Savannah Bar

i inched back north

far away from the horrors of harlots

save me, Charlotte

from my self and suffering

above all things

i miss you most

with a glass of milk

and a piece of toast

where i once made love

instead of breakfast

i eat right and sleep write now

and feed these words later

to the sheep to meek to speak

in there own voice

so borrow mine

see what you find

in the soul

of another man’s shoe.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 4, 2007.

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