Batman and Catwoman

Meanwhile on the Bohemian side of town

Underneath the veil of

the nondescript banking aura

a city laid sleeping

waiting to be awaken

centuries dead

souls needing

space to fill

signs pointing in every direction

taking only off ramps

to new destinations

uncharted land

with visions

i hold you with my hand

things are sweet smelling

the time is moving slow

and colors sweep across

and in , out and between us

moving in liquid laughter

bubbles in the sky pop

light years away

and i feel safe finally

rotating spherically

psychically inebriated

floating ever so delicately


it could be the beverages i ingested

or my head being love-sick

southernly infested

i try and digest it

but i better get some rest

creating forever

inlays the true test


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 5, 2007.

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