The blue caller holla’s at halo’s

These fingers get bound but not broken

creation was our divine distinction

between man and angel

defining hero’s and zero’s

wake from your daily trance

to find familiarity

in our human race

as we are all alone

promised a finish line

be a spectator

or spectacular

its all transparent

and apparent

to proceed

and participate

if you were to wait for fate

imagine getting stood up on a date

for your eternity

in the same sense that

what you don’t know

hurts me

our little time

our small squalls

disasters and happiness

is all happenstance and circumstance

the circumference is much deeper

than front page headlines

tragic news stories

with tales of adversity and hope

cynically shake your head

at the white kids on dope

when they once said when we were children

“You are the future”

now we are here

and what have we done

have we sold out

or did we buy in



~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 5, 2007.

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