Torrid Tittles and terible love (done on the remington)

Travel many miles, to this moment

swallow it whole , this pride

we keep alive by the image of what we call love

who was it that lied? dream darling, then night has come

the cold shivers to my bones and i have no place to call home

imagine if we can for a moment, harmony

soul money soaking bloody hands

The streets run red in december when the whites never seemed so bright

sing now, in your sober suffering and somber blues

Do I miss the nights at hang fire with jack and ginger, two cherries

The taco’s well has dried and we are only left with images of Angels BBQ

sweet disaster drowning in the marsh, i march slowly back north

still south, i can tell by th biscuits and the false gentile genuine liars

i drove around till i found my self lost with johnny and elvis

and its a mighty rough road being stranded, the eagle has landed

bald from stress, tears welling up from the mess of post modern lovers

i heard the lonely whistle when i left my girl and my home

and whats another broken heart, a prison break

with that ball and chain, i’m a number not a name

i was in Georgia doing time and now its my dime

on the lam and lame and stationary

what is to become of me

i just want to give up, lay down and die

I hardly made you smile and i never made you cry

just another train town and a swift escape

on this long open road

it, that which is

all mine

where you cant find me.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 5, 2007.

One Response to “Torrid Tittles and terible love (done on the remington)”

  1. marcus, these are really amazing

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