When we become light.

Listen to this dear, before i leave your world forever

i want you to understand some things

That i am only mortal

as you are

we are both destine for death

in our disintegrating flesh suites

Lets listen, so we may be forgiven

from our insults of out-speaking

Project the image of divine white light

from a fine point perspective

i want your full attention

How about living for impressing

Yourself for once but instead be ignored

this is why i am bored

because your are boring

ask me, “why, your not helping”

its hard to do anything when you snoring

i awake to the sound of the floor ringing

seeing the ceiling, i put my self back down again

disgruntled degenerate

passed out on some street somewhere

whiskey drunk on concrete

staring at the moon

and the only words

the word smith utters

is “Wow, do you see how beautiful that is”

it falls on deaf ears

he has already fallen down

and now

it is escape or drown in that town

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 5, 2007.

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