[18:54] crap: theres a show at the milestone tonight

[18:54] SamDonalson: there is a show in my room

[18:54] SamDonalson: its called the weird poet on acid

[18:54] SamDonalson: its a musical

[18:54] SamDonalson: staring me

[18:54] SamDonalson: the audience is the fiber in my rug

[18:54] SamDonalson: and i stomp on it

[18:55] SamDonalson: and its really exciting

[18:55] SamDonalson: the only catch is, you can never leave


[18:56]crap: haha

[18:58] crap: so i take it you’re staying in and writing tonight?


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 6, 2007.

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