Thats why I’m easy, easy like a Friday evening.

I’m a ghost in the shadow never mind the machine

do you ever have that feeling where you have to pee

so bad you can taste it

thats what first words had me feeling

when things became reveling

we have all been there

in our our infinite struggle

against time

unwind the mona lisa smile

all you lovely works of art

give me a chance to start fresh

where old school meets new school via flesh

Man will run out of numbers

and in our divided math

the solution to problems

will appear as the phoenix

the brightest light

never seen

blind eyes, be ignorant to change

feel and fondle

threw the corpse forest

its hard to ignore us

on the tips of your tongue

we are the odd , wise and young

this is where it ends

and you begin

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Thats why I’m easy, easy like a Friday evening.”

  1. I like this one…. I like it a lot.

  2. PHAT!!! This is a good one… it flows really well

  3. Beautiful teen girls

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