I got a phone call today

it was from the mannequin warehouse

they wanted me to come into work

i had already put in my hours

and my second job just went to full time

I call in sick

but i am my own boss

so no one really listens

i need motivation

with a chaser of imagination

to get over one hell of a hangover

I’m in the business of plastic people

I move my mannequins

into paragraphs

and dress them up with adjectives

I put them on display

at basement museums of bad art

observatories on islands

Bostons basement bar’s

and Rode island’s road’s and alley’s

I fell into this business

as a self starting entrepreneur



bought and sold

You get my soul

and i get your money

Fair trade

this is where you begin to laugh

but i didn’t say anything funny.

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 9, 2007.

One Response to “Whorehouse”

  1. Is this Marcus Cheney from Hanson, MA. I have been trying to find you, if it is you. Can you e-mail me? Patti0529@aol.com
    Patti Petit
    P. S. It is very important.

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