Turbulence and tidal waves bend

over heart broken hurricane’s

Submerged in the murky depth

i beg for sunlight

or a lift

granted the gift to gab

i have had chances

but a stubborn hopeless romantic

only makes static

so I’m left stranded

on an island

somewhere out there

the ship has left me

and taken her

i hope she burns

bubbling black tar

a tiny syringe as an oil tanker

When midnight falls

and closes her curtain

why are we still left hurting


repeating with rice and rain

endlessly walking

out that door

i drank a few

maybe a dozen more

over my sober breath

i crowned you whore

and another liar

i emulsify

in my own fire

in a pursuit of desires

left not to want

and still have needs

I’m on my knees

with my hands over my ears

to help me block the bullets

and the noise

I”m just playing toys

with tiny tin soldier’s

i smolder till i fizzle out

and fade

in torn jeans with bills unpaid

its not that I’m afraid

It’s that you have me terrified

with my only options to

jump or run

we have both worn down

our sneakers


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 9, 2007.

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