Dirt naps.

I gave up on what i loved

for selfish reasons

I’m not asking to be forgiven

that is no way to solve sin

to begin again

searching for peace in the valley

i feel the crush

of gravity

gripping my soul

to swallow me whole

know that there is love

as it once was

i cant figure out where it goes

or what store sells it

and what makes it easy

when your leaving

to wash your hands

when blood cakes your fingernails

and not even the best soap on earth

could cleanse

what wont come clean

i hold my breath

till my face turns blue

wanting a solution

but there is no absolution

just thoughts and dreams

when you shit in one hand

and wish in the other

tell me which one

fills first

on a grave i read

“stop my friends as you pass by

as you are now, so once was i

as i am now, soon you must be

prepare for death & follow me”

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 11, 2007.

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