The last time I commited suicide.

How many unknown , unsung heroes

does it take to make a mountain

we fight against time

and lose more often than not

the soul suffers silently

and the heart expands at fixed rates

when in love

it palpitates

when its broken

it’s slow going

we soak it in the sludge

of coffee


and cigarettes

when its late at night

and no one is watching

i smile deeply at the stars

I’m universally lost

at the cost of my curiosity

i once wondered where i was

reality turned into a white dove

and flew far away from me

the moon hangs as the worlds drain

swallowing us when its full

and we are empty

the sun is the source

of all the energy

mankind needs

instead we breath toxic gases

as the illusion of time passes

and we are past

take a vacation

buy a lawn chair

and watch grass grow

before you know its over

out of the ordinary

a four leaf clover will appear

and in that instance

you will realize why you are here


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 11, 2007.

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