Microwave TV

I started to watch television again

after years of abstinence

the box feeds terror

and i fear the world is ending

thats what I’m supposed to feel

after all i am an American

Its a nuclear explosion

or a natural disaster

death from above

and bellow

as the earth spins slow

we lose our magnetic field

as gamma rays steal our

summer days

It’s bird flu and cancer

the only answer is to turn away

otherwise your a slave

Father Tim once told us

when we were children

lucidly dreaming

to turn on, tune in and drop out

i shout silent poems

through the plasma paranoia

as it’s sickening

don’t be another victim

of the brain wash woe’s

be in the know

if its going to go

then let it explode

we have no control

if you live in fear

have a beer

and drown the dissonance

Hear the mellow wedding bells

as heaven converges with hell

till all is gray

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 12, 2007.

One Response to “Microwave TV”

  1. hello, you’re amazing

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