Undisputed Truth. (conclusion)

Phase 2 – A languid love story.

He put the keys in the ignition and was ready to drive his finance back to Detroit to tell both their family’s the good news. This young couple was in love with all that right elements it was as close to perfect as water or the hydrogen bomb. Stevie Wonder was singing on the radio on a mix cd that Dexter made them for the road trip. He was tapping the stearing wheel to the rhythm and swaying his head back and forth , smiling while singing “Signed, sealed , delivered – I’m yours’”. Dexter was very excited about the road trip, to talk uninterrupted for hours with his new finance and discuss the future, what’s going on and how everything could be so bourgeois. He was busy working most nights as an usher at the Orpheum Theater.. Dexter was making a good living, but not off the ushering pay check. He was an usher because of the business opportunity’s it afforded him .He sold pot to the acts passing threw town, he was selling to everyone from the owners, to the stage hands , select fans and even the artist themselves.

It was the holiday season and a few days before Christmas and traffic was less than expected. They would be in Motor City in no time. Dexter kept looking over at Monique and smirking , letting off a giggle. Monique said “ what do you keep laughing at?”.

“Nothing baby, i just love you so much” Dexter responded.

“Thats Nice Dexter, just keep your eye’s on the road, you know how driving makes me nervous. Here take this joint, relax.” she comforted him.

“How can I relax baby, I am in love” He rolled down the windows and shouted at the top of his lungs” I’m in love with Monique Jones the most beautiful girl in the world and i have never been so happy to be alive” he handed her the joint back and another smirk and giggle.

“I love you to Dexter Smith, signed, sealed , delivered I’m yours”

These were your average kids in love, engaged and the whole world in front of them. Normal by standards if you exclude the tattoo’s and piercings, the habitual marijuana use and the fact they were both from broken homes. They were you stereotypical, run of the mill, everyday Americans in their early to mid twenties.

Monique had a spotted past , when Dexter met her he was living in Detroit with fathers finance, the women he got with after Dexter’s mother went into the insane asylum. They met threw their mutual friend who went by the name of Bone’s , who was madly in love with Monique at the time. The moment they met Dexter fell in love with her as well, it was easy to. She was stunningly wild then, they sat around smoking cigarettes and marijuana, ashing into an old Motown record molded into a giant ashtray. She was using junk regularly then and was telling us how her ex-boyfriend used to enjoy when she would go number two on his chest. Dexter was enthralled by her honesty mixed a negative feeling from the conviction, plus she was the current love interest of Bones. The now engaged couple stayed good friends for six years of bouncing around the country till Monique came to visit Dexter and never left. She was displaced by hurricane Katrina and went to live with her father. Her father was the leader of a big motorcycle gang and made his money as an outlaw. Monique never met her father till she moved in with him having recently found out where and who he was. He kicked her out after they got into an argument when he stole and sold the pot she had grown on his farm. The only thing she would say about it was what her father told her to never forget which was “Smiling faces sometimes tell lies”. She had been off the needle for four years and running strong.

“Baby its really crazy how we met in Cass Corridor what seems like life times ago” Dexter said to his bride to be.”I know “ She responded “we both had crushes on each other but where to scared or stupid to do anything about it”

To this Dexter responded “Well we had a lot of growing up to do”. The two of them were about half way to Detroit by now and would be there the day before Christmas. Dexter was really excited for Monique to finally meet his family and vice versa. He was going to tell his folks, Christmas morning, the engagement and the plans to get married. They had wedding plans of flying to Vegas and getting married by none other than the King himself.

There were in Ohio and almost to Detroit. Ohio bored Monique to sleep while Dexter drove threw the last few hours of night. As the sun rose they were in Detroit. He woke Monique up by kissing her at a stop light. “Good morning my dear, are you excited to meet the family?” he asked. She awoke from her sleep confused “Where are we? “ as she started to get a grip on reality she continued “yes baby, I love you so much, I’m sure everything will be just fine. Are you exited to meet my mum and my grandparents?”

“Of course baby, i know they will love me as i do you” he answered. The pulled into Dexter’s parents driveway and stretched, it was nice to be at the end of a non stop fourteen hour drive. They smoked a joint before they went inside to calm there nerves. They walked into the house and gave the hugs and introductions and the how have you beens while staring at each other how you do when you haven’t seen someone in a long time. Dexter’s parents had there hands full getting ready for the big party his fathers finance held for her family every year, where Dexter would feel limitlessly out of place.

They didn’t want to waste the day so Dexter decided to take Monique to the Motown Museum. They asked Dexter’s parents to come along but they told them to go ahead, they had to much planning for the party tomorrow. It was Dexter’s Christmas tradition to go there the day before Christmas for the tour they give daily threw studio A. Monique knew the area so she drove them down to West Grand Boulevard. The pulled in the parking lot and Monique said “ I used to get junk around here, infarct right over there in that tenement that says Rio Gran, it was there i decided to quite when I came up to score and i found Knockemout dead at the bottom of his stairs.”

“Knockemout?” Dexter inquired.

“Yeah he was this old guy who took me under his wing and took care of me. No, not in that sense, dont look at me like that. He knew how dangerous junk was on the street and for a young kid like me it was easy to get fucked up in the game. He always kept me high when i needed it , but when i found him dead, that was it. I was done”

They went on there tour threw Motown and Monique loved it, she didn’t know about the gem in her city all the times she passed threw this neighborhood zonked out on heroin. They drove from Hitsville to Monique’s grandparents house. She grew up with her grandparents and lived with them till she found out her older sister was really her Mother and moved in with her. Monique dropped Dexter back at his parents after the meet and great so she could go spend some time with her mother. Her mother or sister as she once was lead a strange life. She never settled down and was always with really high profile guy’s, enjoying living close to the edge, where Monique got that trait. Monique and Dexter were both mistakes by the miracle of a new wonder drug of the time called birth control.

When she dropped him off she said “ I love you Dexter, this is going to be the first night we are apart. Fear not , you are in my heart and we will see each other in the afternoon and then you have me for the evening.” Dexter held her hand and looking deeply into her smiling face and said “I cant wait that long, i want you now baby” After a long and drawn out goodnight they parted way’s for the night.

Dexter awoke on Christmas morning to breakfast being cooked and his folks sitting down to coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon, Dexter picked away at his food till he got the courage to just come out and tell them half way threw a piece of bacon. “I’m getting married” he explained as the bacon fell out of his mouth and onto his plate. There was silence, dreaded silence. “Your kidding me” Dexter’s father said. “No pops, I’m as serous as a heart attack”. His dads finance interrupted and said “Your to young to get married, what about that nice girl you brought her last Christmas. She was very sweet and from a very good family” Dexter had a feeling this was how it was going to go. He asked to be excused and went for a walk.

Monique showed up late for the party and Dexter wished he hadn’t shown up at all. She stayed by his side threw the whole party and it wasn’t as bad as usual for him. The house was very crowded and everyone was sitting down to eat when a toast was given by his fathers finance “ This is to Dexter and Jenny for getting engaged, congratulations”. Dexter quickly corrected her while Monique was infuriated. Jenny was the girl Dexter was with last Christmas. The didn’t even get threw dinner before leaving the party. The spend the rest of the time in the city at Monique’s mothers house. Where Mosques mother showed her own disregard for Dexter.

They drove back home and there disastrous stay in Detroit was over. They didn’t talk much on the way home, but promised they had each other, even if there family’s didn’t agree. They started fighting about small things, which led to big things and so on for a few days after. It wasn’t till New Years when things finally got out of hand.

They where at a Bar with Dexter’s friends who were not by any means upstanding citizens. These were the guy’s he sold drugs for with and it was still early so everyone was enjoying drinks and some pool. Monique got into a billiards game for money. Dexter put the cash up and by the end of three games where she lost every single one she yelled out “You guy’s are cheating” and she wouldnt drop it. To the point where she accused all of them of being liars. Dexter excused themselves from the game, left them there money and got out of there.

“You better check your self, you don’t know who your fucking with” Dexter said

“They are all pussies and liars, and fuck you for not sticking up for me. You know what I’m sick of this shit, I’m leaving you Dexter. Your a loser. You borrow my car all the time and never give me enough money or attention. I’m sick of it and all your pathetic dreams of being a writer. Your going nowhere and I”m leaving”

“Thats not true, I have a car but the battery is dead” Dexter protested. He knew it was over and there wasn’t much he could do.

She dropped him off after they insulted each other every way possible and like that was gone. He went inside to call triple A twenty four hour road side assistance. The truck came with a battery replacement for his car, it was sometime after midnight now, happy new year. The driver showed up and began to work on the battery. Dexter apologized for him having to come during the holiday. The driver just continued working stoically on the battery. Dexter unloaded on the guy the events of the evening as the snow started coming down.

“Damn man thats harsh , cold hearted” the driver said who introduced himself as Pedro. A Vietnam vet from Mexico. He continued “In My country there is a saying that goes”Despues de la tormenta viene la calma”. translates to when there is a storm comes a calm.” Dexter understood exactly what he meant as the driver asked him to turn the car over to see if he got it working. The car kicked over and Dexter thanked him for the advice and fixing his car. Pedro asked “What are you going to do now man?”. To this Dexter said “Well, I’m going to drive this car as far as it takes me and never come back.” They both smiled at each other and drove in different direction. The undisputed Truth is that smiling faces sometimes tell lies.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 15, 2007.

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