Undisputed Truth. (continued)

What becomes of the broken hearted who once had dreams they thought were dead? Barry went back up to finish dinner with his family. The sun hid itself behind the buildings and was gone for the night. Joe began to walk away from Hitsville as he took two steps off the porch and heaved up everything in his stomach. He felt a new energy take over his body, one he hadn’t felt in years, promise. He had a chance, he could make it and this time legitimately. Joe wasn’t walking , he was floating home. Prison had changed him, he was soft and not the hard character he once was.

Joe knew he wouldn’t be falling asleep so he walked around the parts of Detroit that were once his stomping grounds. He felt proud, he was a now a Motown recording artist. An honest man, and just as naive as time would tell. He sang old gospel songs aloud and tunes he learned in prison. The whole city scape had changed in the eight years he spent in the joint. The faces, the fashion and the folks where wash of day glow excitement. Joe kept his head low to the ground not wanting to run into anyone he used to roll with. He still was singing to himself when he walked right into a limousine. The window rolled down and the driver said “ Hey, watch where your walking you filthy. . Well good god damn, if that isn’t you, is that really you? Knockemout. Hey Stevie, look what we just ran into.”

Joe felt vengeance and rage enter his skin again, he knew from the prison chatter that it was Stevie who told the cops where he hid his stash. Joe now righteous path proved to overcome his want and need for street justice. Joe composed himself and addressed Stevie “Hey old friend, whats shaking?”

“Joe baby, i hope your not mad at me, i can’t apologize enough, if i could put the switch on our positions i would baby, you know that. I hope its all water under the bridge, you must be cold brother, you got anywhere to stay, get in the limo” Stevie said nervously.

Joe was many things, but not a fool and he knew he had no money left after giving what little he had to his old friend for the gun and the heroin. “Stevie, what you did was unforgivable but i suppose your blind to certain things. I see the truth and much clearer now, and hell we have to be friends since we are now on the same recording label”

The limo was now in third gear and they where traveling uptown, a part of the city Joe wasn’t very familiar because it was for the distinguished and affluent whites of Detroit. Stevie’s smile was comparable to that of a Cheshire cat , he said “No kidding Joe, thats groovy baby, really its the tops – how did you manage that?”

Joe replied “ Well i went to murder Barry for locking me up for those long eight years and i couldn’t do it, i wasn’t much for pistols and always a man of fists, its more honest. He caught me off guard by calling me Joe and well, i just couldn’t do it. We were child hood friends and then out of the blue he offered me to come down to the studio tomorrow and lay down vocals to this new song they recorded today, i really have no idea what to write about”

Stevie smiled and bobbed his head back and forth and said “ Thats wild baby, i dig though and i happen to know the song they laid down, its a real trip. What do you say to making this an all night affair, i can show you the song and you can get a head start for the morning. Here Joe, take this- it will take you to a higher ground”

Stevie handed Joe a slip of paper, no smaller that his finger print and Joe put it in his mouth and closed his eye’s and fell into the music that was playing threw the speakers of the limo. Stevie handed Joe a joint and they smoked in silence all they way to Stevie’s penthouse apartment uptown. There he wrote the lyrics to a number one single to be released on Motown.

Joe’s dreams finally fizzled into the midnight a few years later after his music career failed. He fell victim to trust and the lust for life. Barry dropped him from Motown after two years of low sales as his creative well dried up. Motown packed up and left for Los Angeles leaving Joe back to the streets. Joe Harris faded back into Knockemout when his veins filled with the Forrest fire of addiction again. He never spoke to anyone from Motown ever again and faded into obscurity in the neighborhood of West Grand Boulevard.

The End of phase one.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 15, 2007.

One Response to “Undisputed Truth. (continued)”

  1. Marcus… you have a great way of putting thought into words!!!
    Well done…
    I will be checking on the site (which rocks!!!) for more!!!!

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