Paradise Lost

Awake, as the boatman

on the river Styx

i transfix

with words as my weapons

bringing stagnant

sailors sharing

the dark side of soul


the whole picture

to understand life

you have to know death

and accept

its inevitability

lets continue

down this river

to the underworld

where the darkness

voids your vision

and you left with your thoughts

sounds and smells

your interpretation

is all you need

to proceed

I’ll take your tickets


you have chosen

to take the ride

because of temptation

know now child

there is nothing to hide

the world of lies

is far behind

and what we’ll find

is a blind state of mind


in the clemency

of all your actions

our innocence

was lost

with an apple

or logic

a custom curse

that only gets worse

inside the myth

of Sisyphus

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 19, 2007.

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