Last night.

Backstage and its as if I’m sixteen

living my own dream

still as awkward and out of place

i chase the smoke with a beer after taste

shaved heads of all the same race

and they swear there is not a Nazi in this place

seeing the way they look at a good friend

who now  has a beard and a burka

he sings a song and says it goes out to the military

and someone shouts out “I support the marines”

thinking the man with the microphone is left wing radical machine

when he is half warrior , half human being

he served his country and from what i imagine has seen hell

as this young republican shouts stupidity with his rebel yell

i smile as i often do , inappropriately at the wrong times

living earth’s crimes and punishments as the judge and jury

it seems everyones in a hurry to go nowhere fast

its often crass and cruel to ridicule you

when you don’t have all the facts or knowledge

this isnt college as much as it is a house of hard knocks

fakes and phonies who couldn’t cut it as a jock

real folks and sycophants

American psychos and legends

sociopaths with unchecked aggression

kids with black hair and matching tight pants

I know there is a lesson to be learned here

its just that no one adheres to the glue

thats binds us together

everyone wrapped in lace and leather

with heads as heavy as lead

and souls, light as a feather

this isn’t forever, nothing is

its just business

with the absence of pleasure

i have abscessed and sunk far below

to a place that only few know

deeper underground till were molten

in the scene i would rather not be seen

and heard

but i cant be annoyed

I’d rather be ignored



~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 24, 2007.

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  1. Are you special?

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