When it seems like dreams may never become a reality

i wish for something of substance or even sustenance

to get me threw the doldrums

So much for sin, it saves no man and only destroys

Boys who were once men

If i have seen it once, i have seen it a thousand times again

without the rain nothing grows the soil submerges seeds

and gives the world what it needs

we need to breath, and breath deep

before we disappear into the sink holes of heaven

all that was promised, nothing is returned

Thats what faith is, fighting for similar gods

and profits who turn profits

I get drunk off the blood of Christ

and if you are offended , then that is perfect

your the one who needs to listen most

with a moist throat ready to berate

who perpetrates your sacred flesh

as a being made of all the same materials as you

perpetuate your capability of miracles

or your a sheep in need of any shepherd

what the flock doesn’t know keeps them ignorant

enslaved to ideas of doomsday apportion

believe in revelations and they will reveal themselves

breath the peace you preach and catch a lung full

we are all incumbent revolutionaries

as we are all small seeds

so please believe in something positive

before we are negative and divided.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 25, 2007.

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