The meaning of life.

A sunrise or sun set can be your best bet

if the moment and mood is correct

by the motions of the oceans

we say and try to perceive

all living matter into our perfect dream

expedite ecstasy to your fancy

the fury of futility

will dissipate the diagnostic duality

of good and evil

till only one truth remains

shapeless clouds surround

significant searching merchants

selling forty-two to you

with out an answer your bound to bumble

look at the flowers, so pristine

they are fake, made of plasticine

All the atoms and eve’s feed on apples

and hide behind fig leaves

wisdom has its quirks

eden is perdition

it doesn’t work

God gets a commission

for every sin

He sells his stock to Satan

the puritans are perplexed

and over sexed

with new found joy

everyone fornicates freely

while intoxicated with smiles

as infinity illuminates

an orgasm

nothing is going

everything is coming

and all is well in hell


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 26, 2007.

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