Peace Out Warren

Everyone called him boring Warren, the dullest adolescent to grace god’s green earth. He was 17 and home schooled, he played with his belly button lint and collected it. The term navel gazer was inducted on Warren’s behalf, having entered the guineas book of world records having gone 38 hours straight of “naval gazing”. His personality was a gray sky and torrential rain when you had big plans but are now forced inside, imprisoned. It was Monday morning, all the other normal kids were in school and Warren sat on the concrete it science class using the sun’s power to magnify and murder a small hill of ants. When he was done with that, he went into his room and sat in bed and spent the remainder of the afternoon staring at his ceiling. He attempted to count ever blemish in the tile and lost count around 13.042.

Warren ate the same breakfast every day. Two eggs , three pieces of bacon and a small bowl of porridge. He never laughed and wasn’t amused this morning, he never was. People in town speculate that he was born without a sense of humor or personality. His mother and father, both factory workers stayed out of people’s hair and were so average they were almost invisible. They had no friends or visitors, just the three of them and there small three room house. The bare essentials, nothing more and everything a little less.

Tuesday was here, and still as it was, nothing happened. The seconds increased on the clock, the sun moved a little higher in the sky after a night of seeing how the other half lived. Warren had his breakfast and found a new ant hill to bother. He incinerated his fair share of ants and went inside to wait in his room till supper. Counting the nooks in his ceiling tiles. Another few numbers higher than yesterday. The family either ate Pasta and sauce one night and tuna fish sandwiches on day old French bread on the other.

Warren was short for his age and malnourished, but portly. His white collier shirt hardly tucked into his brown khakis and his glasses always sat crocked on his nose. He snored loud when he was sleeping, often He was known to pee the bed when he had nightmares. That was his secrete, you should keep it that way. He always wondered what it would like to have a friend, and then he would go one counting the nooks in his ceiling.

Wednesday morning got off to the same begging as any other day. Warren ate his two eggs, his bacon and his small bowl of porridge. Dinner that night would be tuna on the day old French bread Tomorrow will be like yesterday as it was today and forever. After he ate the breakfast, he went outside to find an anthill with his magnify glass. He positioned the sun just right on top of a family of ants busy at work. As he looked threw the magnify glass the sky went dark He looked over his shoulder to see the darkness replaced with white hot light. The devastation of humanity had begun and it was the end of all life as we know it.

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 29, 2007.

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