Wild Weather Week

This is an ode to the sub conciseness poem

the one that exist only for moments

to be exasperated

in love with the world and our entangle nature

an ever present change and stature

if your going to swing

swing hard

sweet chariot

I’m awake as doormats

welcome to the circus

if you want to see bedrock

you better be an astronaut

or as important

we have been constant cosmonauts

we teetered and taught

all that is to walk the talk

that boundaries

are meant to be broken

if you don’t think you can

do it, what else do you have to do

but prove it.

You blew it, and have gone this far

and here we are, magnificent star

facing the big dipper

proclaiming how we are wishers

how approximately lost

must we be

on the wild ocean

someone mentions something

of the stress

but i could care less

i hold onto

that caress

comforted in the most profound



~ by Aumbeche Rishi on January 30, 2007.

One Response to “Wild Weather Week”

  1. To these questions, I’d add another. Does the writer know what that sentence actually says? The answer is routinely no. After years of teaching creative writing, I still find this amazing. It means that, despite themselves, writers are often engaged in acts of unwitting self-contradiction.

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