Ace whole.

We don’t laugh here anymore

the floor boards are dried

in pine and whiskey

of all the days and dances

we had on them

I need a private eye

to find the inner mechanics

of an old friend

in a paradox

because the one he searches for

is behind his own glasses

I say i was in love with you

and mean it more

than i have ever said to some girl

who didn’t know how to receive

our expounding expressions

we are the hearts martyrs

i see the vultures overhead

and ignore them

as they did me

when i was once a man of flesh

rather than substance and circumstance

we hold our hands close to our ears

and listen to the heart beat of the rocks

this land moves a million miles

and you never notice and inch

sometimes it seems like a bad dream

and i pinch myself from the nightmare

i sit in the mirror and stare for days

at the reflection

interrogating the defense

I’m the judge , jury , defendant and executioner

I call the case on a mistrial

the mystery unfurls

and we are left with our own worlds

and this planet is our solar system

i am planet lost

freely floating in my own galaxy

with a hyper amount of gravity

we crash like asteroids

and end up like assholes

meant to make shit


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 3, 2007.

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