Go figure.

I ask you to take what you want

thats the kinda market I run

some call it communism

but they don’t do there share

they leave me bare

so i have to be be brave

and brazen

I store it in a pocket

filled with false hope

where i sewed in

my suicide note

It reads

to those who feel sadness

remember the good times”

A crime I’m to chicken to commit

thats the proof, I’m full of shit

my eye’s should be brown

but there is no one around

to ask what color they are

i imagine them to be two almonds

with the center as stars

If i only knew where you were

i would spend all my days

trying to look you in

both eye’s at the same time

when anything is possible

instead we play possum

when we walk

it’s with caution

I come to you in dreams

while you stitch seams

but nothing binds

our time

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 6, 2007.

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