I see the sun crest over the horizion

as I happened to be up before it

watching all these people scramble

like lemmings

so much more happens

when you sit still

the smiles and frowns blur

as one incandescent

beam of light

I ponder things all threw the night

having an excess of energy

with good news and bad

rolling right off of me

i know secrets

and dismiss solitary solidification

I am liquid inside a banner year

as in the difference of a bandoleer

and a matador

it all happens right next store

and inside my own mind

swirling cohesive chemicals

mix with match stick company

I see a white bunny

that i know as an illusion

and i follow up

and wade threw the noise pollution

i listen close

waiting for prolific speech

when we try and teach

rather than inform

i perform a new part daily

waiting in rags

excessively repeating maybe

nothing is definite on

an infinite ending time line

unwind all the watches

till we are shells and splotches

of primordial goo

the train keeps coming

I am not threw with you

I am not threw with you

rhythmically it repeats

till i am going

what will time make of you

what will time make of you

till there are no yous

or I’s left

and its just land

water and sky

a cognoscente reality

of the human disguise

we will come as we go

only to liquefy


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 8, 2007.

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