Java Bob.

Ry and I are a better version

of David and Len

the latter mentioned poets

of no fame or real recognition yet

the biggest difference is age and subject

we still learn, and i pray they still teach

we met them at a coffee shop near

where I was attending school

Ry hunted them out first

as I followed like a giddy school girl

When I was not received like Ry had been

first, were emotions of idiotic idioms

then a delight to fight to be better

than everyone

and to be understood


Len saw this

He was an Ox pretending to be a fish

the tide rolls steadily

David and Len became closer

and Ry and I more obscure

till we finally felt as though

we had either grown

up and out

or laughed our way out

of our public masturbation

and as time went

and tornado’s came

Ry took off down south

and I followed

after wallowing

in a path of my own destruction

i demanded of myself a resurrection

bet let erections take malice

over prowess

and the flowers died in winter

and i took shelter with my brother

and offered a Siamese cat as forgiveness

Ry gave me a hat in exchange for the cat

I wonder how David and Len get along

now that Len is an island man

and David is land locked

I will never forget

the times we all talked awkwardly

as if we stared into a mirror mediocrity

Ry and I are still determent to be angles

while everyone else is dormant to devils


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 15, 2007.

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