Free Market.

This strange feeling overcomes me

and its as if something is off kilter

as her hands begin to caress my back

gently at first, and then piercing with fingernails

Light dances and I’m confused of what to make of it

A telling sign or synapse of unbalanced chemicals

the eerie shiver runs up and down my spine

her nails play the xylophone on my spine

I speak of lady death, opening the newspaper

to the obituary seeing all these faces

facing my own mortality

or immortality

because i haven’t died yet

Her hair strangles me as only calcium can

that is all she is

Hair and fingernails

or that’s all i can stand to remember

of he dark silhouette

She stops clocks

and wrist watches

while turning the living pale

She takes parasites

to porpoises

horses , humming birds and clovers

She hovers just inches above

waiting to squander pulse

and zip us up in big black bags

the royal casino

thats takes all you have

pretending to know our best interest

Her philosophy is

everything that lives

is born to die.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 16, 2007.

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