Mourning Glory.

The children have all gone to bed

tired, while the adults mull around

the last few hours of night to relax

as time is a decaying fracture

when we all need sleep

to survive and repeat the process

day in and day out

it is time

for heads to rest tired

when we wake

First thing, make the coffee


supply the stomach with enough energy

to face the day

We are all creatures of habits

letting passions turn hobbies

where we can’t find time

while we work for others

and never for ourselves

a community creature

of individuals

but how alike we are

a star, is a star is a star

the space between

and what i like to refer to as god

is the energy of emptiness

in any expanse of space

we forget our fractal history’s

and worry about the mundane debts

of hoarding our positions and obsessions

while we appease our momentary needs

by our own greed

we reveal our zeal

as we plummet

like fears

and asteroid towards earth

to make our birth


will it be

our natural disasters

or Einsteins nuclear warfare

and how unfair

it could all end

lets ascend to heaven


for the living know nothing of death

life is for the living

and thats the only meaning of it


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 20, 2007.

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