Science Fiction Paternal Twins.

I offer the shirt off my back

but you want the blood from my veins

thirsty vampire

I adorn garlic to protect my iodine

and find scraps of wood

to make crosses to kill you with

You load six silver bullets into a revolver

as I play the part of where wolf

I am a ghost, and you can not find me here

the full moon approaches

and i sit in my man suite

waiting to fade

into more absurd measures

creepy creatures of the night

with there own devious deeds

and social gripes

when we fight

it’s a deadly duel

and we both drop dead

and raise to our caves

by the first sight of morning

Everyone always complains of the day

its either too hot

or too cold

but no one ever mentions the moon

it is peaceful

and we are its mad merchants

dispensing fear

the months pass

and then the years

and we become more agile

and still fragile

to our akilies heal tendencies

I appeared at the gates

of your city of troy

with my pale horse

painted as bravado

you let me in


but love is blind

and you do not deal well

with dwellers

you torture true hearts

and send them to the dungeon cellars

in chains i wait for my fate

for you to set me free

or to cloak me in

what you could never give

I am a boy

and you are a girl

and together we are just kids

playing with desire, imagination and fire.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 23, 2007.

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