Aftermoon Delight

Lets have these drunken nights

and dance as fools would have it

gyrating to a Dionysian groove

our flesh, interpretative beauty

the soul, weightless

in the ignorance of pursuit

flail your pea cock feathers

in a mating dance

I am not of you

but no less guilty

When does intelligence

entwine with compassionate

good looks

my negative past

does not dictate my future

as i forever strive


away from the matriarch

who made me a martyr

to speak of my father

self absorption

in a search of absolution

how chaos drifts into order

and has deja vu

my princess is locked away

in a tower

holding my love hostage

and her hair is not long enough

to let me climb

so I may save her

I am monolith for obscurity

and a roll model for the absurd

when I was young

which I still am

but younger still

I dreamed of death

and what nothing would be like

and in the void

I found freedom

the freedom

of all things momentary

and how to embrace

by the seeds of breathing

the water of laughter

and the soil of suffering

the son to no one

on a cold dead earth

that will take me

and you

there is no destiny

just manifestations

being alien

and an outsider

I might return

to the universe

that birthed

our gravitational

ant farm

by ways of rockets

I’ll disappear


the big dipper


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 24, 2007.

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