Dealing with Guiliver

He who stands against the crowds and currents

is never truly alone, if he knows himself

truth is told in movement and the soul is fluid

and of fire. Burn brightly kinder for we may not

have much time. Speak in truths and justice,

live like kings in your poverty and forsake

all those that bring you to peril

suffer the consequences, be honest in your actions

con with conviction and be eternally saved

we are all eternally enslaved to the grave

and the roads that were paved before us

are in desperate need of repair

but fear not, don’t despair

if it is all to much then disappear

in your physical form and become metaphysics

your brain is your only guide threw the darkness

and the key to the way out, or into the light

cast shadows on as many street corners

to say you were there, this is me and myself

and my time is now, this is how you reach promise

and its not the bronze streets in an American dream

ordinary it would seem in fiction or fairy tale.

We are of this earth and its saviors

we are braver than to be destroyed

by are own ignorance, or are we

ask repeatedly, what does the future hold for me

I have a pocket watch and the day’s do tick by

in its measure we are disrupting the control

to one day hold our heads higher than in shame

if it is all the same to your stagnation

be still , and watch the breaths

rotate in and our of themselves

and if it’s death

do not fear , for now we are here

and can make all the difference

with our dedication to defiance

sell all your thoughts and notions

become a nihilist

and lets start over

He who stands against the crowds and currents

is never truly alone, if he knows himself.

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 25, 2007.

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