I cant do this anymore

I’m not going to lie to you

it almost hurts to sleep

because in dreams

comes to me these images

of when i was a madman

careless and free

Now, i am still a madman

not much has changed

except for intake

i was a drunk

and drug addicted

I might be again

as only time will tell

love has sent me to hell

and i am burning

I want everything

while needing nothing

so i go and smoke

another cigarette

to forget

what I never do

the air is cold tonight

and i have my dad’s

old suite jacket on

imagine how important

he once felt while wearing it

I feel like a kid

playing dress up

in front of wolves

in sheep clothing

I splash cologne

to hide the smell

of a rotting world

it doesn’t help

nothing does

i will get my rest

and put down my gloves

and when i wake up

I will make sure they are

tied tight

I may not have hope

but I still have

one hell of a right.


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 27, 2007.

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