I (destroyed warehouse, memorial plaque).

There is a break in the silence

but it rushes back as regularly

as the geyser at Yellowstone

lost in Montana

your old faithful

thats not so faithful anymore

but that is the way

things change

what once was to be counted on

is a depleting memory

the people I have met

don’t stay in touch

twenty four years

of being a loner

and what have I learned

I’m arrogant

and the greatest

A degenerate

yet wholesome

and I’m homely

and everyone’s busy getting older

and uglier

Getting engaged

or already married

having kids

these children

who are dull

creating more

that is dull

I am bored with it

these rules of engagement

have me inciting war fare

just to see some action

The everyday

eats away at me like a cancer

someone once told me

I was a surrealist painting personified

I wish i believed it

and that they didn’t lie

someone coughs outside my window

as they have been for most of the night

get it over with already

and please don’t disturb me

I am trying to read and write

tonight carries with it a soft gloom

and tiny terrors

but its the fight

to keep the spark glowing

so it grows into a giant fire

sering mortal flesh

in tin can head heads

which is as small as the spark

once was

tonight it burns

as a candle

to all those

who made the path

as I am just one more notch

on the earths equator

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 28, 2007.

One Response to “I (destroyed warehouse, memorial plaque).”

  1. Cute!

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