Demi god and still Human

I saw the most brilliant glow

around the moon tonight

it was like a halo

above me head

in a gigantic perfect circle

and all the times

I have spent looking

at the moon

which has been many

I have never seen

such brilliance

Tonight, I am an angel

or something even better

that a word doesn’t

exist to describe

but thats why we have poems

and poets

the dogs howl madly

but the moon inst full

there is just a little missing

and soon it will be

and then the dogs will really howl

I feel shallow

and if i just turned over

on my stomach

I could drown

and what joy

that might bring to some

and sadness to others

but instead

we should all

look at whats above

and beyond us

It all seems

like a waste

when I should

just be staring

at the moon

keeping it all selfishly

to myself

instead I’m trying to

write about it

so we can share

a simple bond in beauty

if our souls can’t

and won’t


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 1, 2007.

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