Vacuum Landscape Architect

The rain falls hard outside my window

and its washing away with it

the last few days of winter

to bring things into a spring fever

lovers will lock hand and hand

strolling idly by bodies of water

as big as the ocean

and as small as a puddle

within them

holds their significance

To whom it may concern

when a lover finds me

I’m going to sit beneath the sheets

showing her the magic

of my zippo lighter

and teach her about Nihilism

and burn the sheets

with us in them

as the Shakespeares

rip off another love sonnet

another drunk rolls away

in the gutter

while a junky escapes

rehab to find the comfort

of the streets and there sin

we are all part of everything

from the dandelion

to the cheetah

I fall asleep in a magma womb

to awake in a field of poppy seeds

I own not a dog

as I search for a Heart

A brain and courage

I take the coins off my eye’s

and rub them together

to break up the silence

enjoying the noise

I search for more things

to make friction with

I bind her wrist

behind her back

and make her sit

execution style

and one second

after the pin hits

and after the trigger is squeezed

like the membranes of an orange

making juice

I ask her to tell the truth

as to what was the last thing

that went threw her mind

I spend all night, a week and then a year

and the time tallies up

waiting for her reply

I guess I have given up

and this is done for

as her corpse turn to ashes

and my hair grows longer

than i would like

I slap my face

and tell my self to wake up

get a grip old boy

your losing it


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 2, 2007.

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