Quite Quite

This is it

everything all encompassed

shift speeds and the direction

of your locomotion


is never taken for granted

sometime last night

there was an eclipse

of a most beautiful


it turned dark

and slowly came back to life

in a full moon delight

under it

a million stars shine

in a million galaxies

and it appears to me

that is also infinite

a million times infinity

and we stretch

and contrast

every time we are asked

How big do you really think

we are

How small do we appear

are we just here

to disappear

a doe finds a dear

in the middle of the woods

as species stay unto itself

and its a miracle

how anything finds anything

particles to neutrons

making eons of combinations

some still think its creation

rather than evaluation

and elevation and expansion

its a tricky think of


that’s now in devo

and where do we go

when are souls expire

are we to be fertilizer

or simple worm food

Our time will turn sepia

and our entirety

not even a memory

thats a product of the mind

and the silence

will be brilliant


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 5, 2007.

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  1. bad.

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