My Way

There are private detectives at work

and I am not one of them

let them unfurl the mysteries of the universe

while I am becoming another one

In a current state of mind

may we be content

and take promise

in tomorrow’s sunrise

and its sun sets

and let’s take bets

its going to do the same


Im giving it odds

three two one

in its favor

I savor these sweet moments

with a tender kiss good bye

on to new times

and new kicks

and other ways

to make limericks

I’m transfixed

and a martyr mash

with a shot of savior

the flavor lingers

on your tongue

like an ageless whiskey

and for those that don’t drink

Sinatra said it best

When he said

I feel bad for those that don’t drink

because when they wake up

thats the best they are going to feel

all day”

we wake up sick in the morning

a belly of anvils, led and rocks

mixed with turpentine

He asks me how I’m doing this morning

I grin and bear it and say “just fine”

and the evenings we unwind

we both got women to find

so we part way’s

He walks out singing


and she has her black boots on

he doesn’t know that

and neither did I

till she phoned me and told me

and I did not reply


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 7, 2007.

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