Hoarse Hockey



You want my blood

and I’m just giving you vinegar

and at each step

I am more eager

to feed your fever

fill you up enough

to leave you


I know change

and depictions

I have seen flowers

as signs of forgiveness

but usually as an admission

of guilt

Your tall stilts don’t stand

so high

I have always given flowers

for the right reasons

like when things suck

or one needs a horticultural hug

I’ll even bring some

to your funeral

and I picked one out

for each and everyone of you

Smell my carnations

my roses

My tulips

and daffodils

sniff till you get a nose full

or carry my pollen

to lovers

and be

beyond existence

it’s where the truth lies

Men behind curtains

and more curtains

with men behind them

and so on

making circles

till I am dizzy

I have never been sick

from a traveling carnival

though i have tried

all the fried dough

and zipper rides

I find myself

on this merry go round

and my stomach is not happy

and neither am I

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 10, 2007.

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