We, the kids of Chaos

who stand distantly divided

and are of the same

shadowy past

over midnights

and trials and tribulations

we emerge

as you imagine

the legions from hell

or fire storms

we burn the wicked

in our wreckage

while leaving shells

of souls

this service

is brought to you

by the weeping mothers

who never knew how to love

we sail her tears to new dawns

if this wasn’t a desert

I could get a drink

something cold and stiff

and I would turn

to anyone who would listen

and say, remember poets

the anti archetypes of men

the down cast

and down trodden

Remember poets

so you don’t forget

how beautiful the sky can feel

or that nothing gold stays

and how each day

is something to be defined

your friends but die in the desert

but not in hearts

there they float forever

in free from

Writers never die

they are just reborn

with every arranged word

and deranged verb

The diction haunts

till your disturbed

with delight

and you cant fight your urge

to find your own courage

so develop your inner deluge

and start with this

never forget poets

writers never die

they are just reborn

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 11, 2007.

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