I wanted to make something beautiful

and my mind went blank

and all I had was this

a pocket full of lost hopes

and broken dreams

a stomach full of hunger

and a heart made out of lead

sometimes my mind

thinks I have cancer

I have to cut it out

and can’t

fearing men in white coats

with rubber gloves

knowing they are

only humane

and if angels

where doctors

and dentist

I might trust them

a little more than I do now

How have we strayed

so far from eden

It should have started off bad

instead of ending in rapture

and after the fire

and brimstone

the meek shall

crawl out of there caves

sun starved

dark dwelling


to inherit this earth

it is mine for now

and I give it all

with  a small

rate of interest

I do expect you to pay it back

in forms of literature

or live as a character

and be interesting

it is harder

than letting the world

end before you

lets take a stride

past the mold

and be hero’s

of solid gold

~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 13, 2007.

One Response to “Chicenitza”

  1. Saw your site. You truly are an interesting character; a hero of solid gold. Thanks for allowing us to see you.

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