Youth in Asia

The difference is the horror

and the happiness

the tears of a clown

is the only

happy medium

I’m rare

and full of rage

making another page

in a long line

of failures

the success

has yet to come

and I don’t plan on it

this is mine

and your just a spy

trying to figure out

my obscurities

in your scrutiny

you find less of your self

I think it’s sad

how you will never know

the hell you cause

and the heaven you stray from

Oh earth angels

why do you hide

behind the cloak of


mad men want your blood

and all I want is your tears

so give me your suffering

and I will say

I have suffered as well

give me your tired

and I will offer you my bed

and watch you sleep

a withering creep in the night

stealing your peace

laughing to myself

give me your poor

and I will tell

how I have been poor as well

and that was the time

when i found happiness

or believed in the illusion

going to the well-fair office

my nine dollar fishing pole

and my orange cat

pumpkin, who is dead by now

but lives forever

in an unhappy child hood

of a tiny tin soldier


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on March 14, 2007.

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