About this poet!

Marcus Byron Cheney is a 24 year old vanguard-vagabond writer. Born in Brockton, Ma (on sep-11-1982 ) he grew up in Hanson Ma. on the same street, in the same house , in the same bedroom overlooking the same river for 18 years. He was removed from his house and moved from Providence Ri to Detroit Mi and a little bit of everywhere in-between. He slept on couches and floors and has made it as far as the south now.


Marcus is available for features, some of his most notable features was the one he did in Nantucket, hosted by Len Germinara and Sarah Oktay. After the Nan-Slam event a women who spent most of her life on the island grabbed Marcus by his forearm and said “ You remind me of a Baudelaire, don’t ever stop writing”. Marcus ran a poetry night at the museum of bad art in Deadham Massachusetts, The evening was called Live-Ham and it featured poets, acoustic musicians and the random theater attendee who had to pee being as the mens bathroom was right behind the stage.

If yowould like to book this poet E-mail: l3oglin@gmail.com

“Digging the site. Visually it’s stunning and so well done. So so well done. You’ve got this blatant way of telling a story- it’s hard to do that and have it still be haunting (not jarring) but there’s a real stream of heart underneath it all that blows me away. Aces.”

J*me (Fellow poet – fire cracker. )


4 Responses to “About this poet!”

  1. Your poetry is beauty beyond words, please keep writing & making me understand the joy and pain.

  2. Your words are small truths as always…… keep searching, seeing, dreaming and writing there are far to few who can. I only hope your nephew picks up a few things from uncle marcus.

  3. your voice is real and strong and is the stuff that reads like new rain smells.

  4. The writing gets better with age – and I see you are older now. I was blown away at how far you have progressed. I especially like the entry on Feb. 13th and the title.

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