My Way

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There are private detectives at work

and I am not one of them

let them unfurl the mysteries of the universe

while I am becoming another one

In a current state of mind

may we be content

and take promise

in tomorrow’s sunrise

and its sun sets

and let’s take bets

its going to do the same


Im giving it odds

three two one

in its favor

I savor these sweet moments

with a tender kiss good bye

on to new times

and new kicks

and other ways

to make limericks

I’m transfixed

and a martyr mash

with a shot of savior

the flavor lingers

on your tongue

like an ageless whiskey

and for those that don’t drink

Sinatra said it best

When he said

I feel bad for those that don’t drink

because when they wake up

thats the best they are going to feel

all day”

we wake up sick in the morning

a belly of anvils, led and rocks

mixed with turpentine

He asks me how I’m doing this morning

I grin and bear it and say “just fine”

and the evenings we unwind

we both got women to find

so we part way’s

He walks out singing


and she has her black boots on

he doesn’t know that

and neither did I

till she phoned me and told me

and I did not reply


Quite Quite

•March 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

This is it

everything all encompassed

shift speeds and the direction

of your locomotion


is never taken for granted

sometime last night

there was an eclipse

of a most beautiful


it turned dark

and slowly came back to life

in a full moon delight

under it

a million stars shine

in a million galaxies

and it appears to me

that is also infinite

a million times infinity

and we stretch

and contrast

every time we are asked

How big do you really think

we are

How small do we appear

are we just here

to disappear

a doe finds a dear

in the middle of the woods

as species stay unto itself

and its a miracle

how anything finds anything

particles to neutrons

making eons of combinations

some still think its creation

rather than evaluation

and elevation and expansion

its a tricky think of


that’s now in devo

and where do we go

when are souls expire

are we to be fertilizer

or simple worm food

Our time will turn sepia

and our entirety

not even a memory

thats a product of the mind

and the silence

will be brilliant

Attacked By bed-bugs

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Remembering all the beautiful faces

and how they are only skin deep

as everyone is searching

for an absolute absolution

that brings them peace

or they are making

horror films

out of the cinema of life

feeling infinitively small

on an expanding planet

where the voices

don’t carry

in the likeness of perfection

everything becomes muddled

as do all possibilities

of finding truth

or that which you are


find yourself


what others think

in a pursuit

to solve our own


and the pieces accumulate

and its hard to put


with so much gray wash

abandon all hopes

and with it

breath wildly

into days

that pass

like tumble weeds

a desert thirst

for all things passionate

and resonate

tonight I’ll let

all the sleeping dogs


I have been once bitten

and twice shy

Vacuum Landscape Architect

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The rain falls hard outside my window

and its washing away with it

the last few days of winter

to bring things into a spring fever

lovers will lock hand and hand

strolling idly by bodies of water

as big as the ocean

and as small as a puddle

within them

holds their significance

To whom it may concern

when a lover finds me

I’m going to sit beneath the sheets

showing her the magic

of my zippo lighter

and teach her about Nihilism

and burn the sheets

with us in them

as the Shakespeares

rip off another love sonnet

another drunk rolls away

in the gutter

while a junky escapes

rehab to find the comfort

of the streets and there sin

we are all part of everything

from the dandelion

to the cheetah

I fall asleep in a magma womb

to awake in a field of poppy seeds

I own not a dog

as I search for a Heart

A brain and courage

I take the coins off my eye’s

and rub them together

to break up the silence

enjoying the noise

I search for more things

to make friction with

I bind her wrist

behind her back

and make her sit

execution style

and one second

after the pin hits

and after the trigger is squeezed

like the membranes of an orange

making juice

I ask her to tell the truth

as to what was the last thing

that went threw her mind

I spend all night, a week and then a year

and the time tallies up

waiting for her reply

I guess I have given up

and this is done for

as her corpse turn to ashes

and my hair grows longer

than i would like

I slap my face

and tell my self to wake up

get a grip old boy

your losing it

Demi god and still Human

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I saw the most brilliant glow

around the moon tonight

it was like a halo

above me head

in a gigantic perfect circle

and all the times

I have spent looking

at the moon

which has been many

I have never seen

such brilliance

Tonight, I am an angel

or something even better

that a word doesn’t

exist to describe

but thats why we have poems

and poets

the dogs howl madly

but the moon inst full

there is just a little missing

and soon it will be

and then the dogs will really howl

I feel shallow

and if i just turned over

on my stomach

I could drown

and what joy

that might bring to some

and sadness to others

but instead

we should all

look at whats above

and beyond us

It all seems

like a waste

when I should

just be staring

at the moon

keeping it all selfishly

to myself

instead I’m trying to

write about it

so we can share

a simple bond in beauty

if our souls can’t

and won’t

I (destroyed warehouse, memorial plaque).

•February 28, 2007 • 1 Comment

There is a break in the silence

but it rushes back as regularly

as the geyser at Yellowstone

lost in Montana

your old faithful

thats not so faithful anymore

but that is the way

things change

what once was to be counted on

is a depleting memory

the people I have met

don’t stay in touch

twenty four years

of being a loner

and what have I learned

I’m arrogant

and the greatest

A degenerate

yet wholesome

and I’m homely

and everyone’s busy getting older

and uglier

Getting engaged

or already married

having kids

these children

who are dull

creating more

that is dull

I am bored with it

these rules of engagement

have me inciting war fare

just to see some action

The everyday

eats away at me like a cancer

someone once told me

I was a surrealist painting personified

I wish i believed it

and that they didn’t lie

someone coughs outside my window

as they have been for most of the night

get it over with already

and please don’t disturb me

I am trying to read and write

tonight carries with it a soft gloom

and tiny terrors

but its the fight

to keep the spark glowing

so it grows into a giant fire

sering mortal flesh

in tin can head heads

which is as small as the spark

once was

tonight it burns

as a candle

to all those

who made the path

as I am just one more notch

on the earths equator


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I cant do this anymore

I’m not going to lie to you

it almost hurts to sleep

because in dreams

comes to me these images

of when i was a madman

careless and free

Now, i am still a madman

not much has changed

except for intake

i was a drunk

and drug addicted

I might be again

as only time will tell

love has sent me to hell

and i am burning

I want everything

while needing nothing

so i go and smoke

another cigarette

to forget

what I never do

the air is cold tonight

and i have my dad’s

old suite jacket on

imagine how important

he once felt while wearing it

I feel like a kid

playing dress up

in front of wolves

in sheep clothing

I splash cologne

to hide the smell

of a rotting world

it doesn’t help

nothing does

i will get my rest

and put down my gloves

and when i wake up

I will make sure they are

tied tight

I may not have hope

but I still have

one hell of a right.