Social Life in the Insect World

The Candle draws the moth

and the moth cant help it

just as the fire

is intentionally lit

it submits

to the end of its wick

at the inevitability of time

the moth has burned it wings

coming to close

and now it can no longer fly

the insect was once a worm

before it new how to learn

to transform

and forget

into its final formation

its just a worm with wings

its not like a bird

that sings

and the candle

is just wax

with a kerosene wick

it needs a match

to show the depth

of width

man-made nature

and mechanical bugs

pour salt on slugs

and crawl into whiskey jugs

or indulge in your favorite drug

you dug

and now your deep

where the future looks

as bleak

as where you feet sit

swallow it

till its a collage

of kaleidoscopic


~ by Aumbeche Rishi on February 14, 2007.

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